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Following LSU's 67-49 loss to Auburn on Thursday night, head coach Matt McMahon met with reporters and said that guard Justice Hill has stepped away from the team for personal reasons.

Hill, a senior transfer from Murray State, has played in every game this season except the Auburn game on Wednesday night. He is averaging 6.9 points, 2 rebounds, and 3.5 assist per game.

McMahon did not have a timetable for Hill's return.

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Hurricane Mike13 months
fricking opt outs hitting basketball too

Shortage of balls these days
user avatar
Champagne13 months
Can't say I blame him. I'd bail too.
user avatar
LSUBB636613 months
Yeah seem to be a PAB
user avatar
Damathe13 months
Actually wonder if this means the University/not attending class, in addition to the hoops.
user avatar
sportjunkie6913 months
This is what you get trying to play in the SEC with a Missouri Valley Conference roster. Anyone who knows college basketball could see this coming. Pucker up...3-15 is a real possibility.
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR13 months
I blame the rant.
user avatar
RockChalkTiger13 months
Maybe he is allergic to sucking.
user avatar
TwoDatBait13 months
He must have a shite ton of Epi-pens…
user avatar
southsidedell13 months
I would too kid...i would too.
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AllenTXTiger13 months
Seems like he's struggled since leaving Murray St. You never know what a person is dealing with.
user avatar
Portcityblues13 months
sure hope he is a construction major because he is one hell of a brick layer
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