Did you guess $595.00?

Because that is how much it will cost you to get your hands on the this "No. 1 NBA Draft pick" Ben Simmons signed ball...

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cwill95 months
I don't understand why Simmons is the target of so much scorn (other than sports fans tend to be idiots)...he's not the problem, it's the system.
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Rakim95 months
I have a hard time supporting Simmons. I do wish him luck though.
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sonuvapitcher95 months
In 1990, I got a ball signed by the entire LSU bball team for a present for my nephew. That ball had 4 guys that were NBA 1st round draft picks in 4 successive years - Chris Jackson-90, Stanley Roberts-91, Shaquille O'Neal-92 and Gert Hammink-93. Wonder if that's worth more than the Simmons ball?
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SaintsSBXLIV95 months
I got about tree fitty
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EazyBreesy95 months
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TommyDaTiger95 months
Those are nice but not as rare as an official collegiate test he took and signed his name on. Those seem to be like unicorns, not sure if any exsist
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theBru95 months
Didn't realize he signed anything @ LSU, much less autographs...
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CtotheVrzrbck95 months
yeah those are gonna sell like hotcakes for sure. Dude has built zilch of a fanbase.
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rutiger95 months
Outside of the 20 plus million people that live in his home country, zero fans i bet. Lol.
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tigerbutt95 months
I'd pay 288. $2.88 that is.
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Ric Flair95 months
Have to post the obligatory "he took an authentic upper decker on LSU's program"
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SuperSoakher95 months
No. I didnt guess that
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