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LSU junior forward Craig Victor II has been dismissed from the team for a violation of team rules head coach Johnny Jones announced on Thursday. Per

Victor, a junior forward from New Orleans, played in eight games with five starts for the 8-3 Tigers this year.

“We are obviously disappointed that we had to take this action,” Coach Jones said. “It’s a privilege and an honor to wear the LSU uniform. When you commit to being part of our basketball program, there are expectations and standards that we demand from our players. Those expectations go beyond the basketball court.”

LSU plays later Thursday when they open Southeastern Conference play against Vanderbilt at 8 p.m. at the Maravich Center.
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El Campo Tiger86 months
I guess CJJ found Craig's TD account.
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atltiger648786 months
I'm glad the article makes the distinction that it was Craig Victor "II". I thought it might have been Craig Victor I. As you can tell, I'm getting tired of this fad of using suffixes in players names. Yes, I realize it's their legal name, but there's no need for it. The only time we need it is in situations like Ken Griffey Jr, where his dad actually played MLB.
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Dignan86 months
I bet you're alot of fun at parties.
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SirWinston86 months
Jones is in over his head.
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LSU Patrick86 months
...and we just got even worse.
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Lexman186 months
I'm sure he probably told Jones he sucks as a coach and got dismissed from the team. Can't blame him. It's ashamed because I was really hopeful that Jones would lead our program back to prominence, but instead it's looking more and more like the Trent Johnson era. Outside of Big Daddy Dale, John Brady is easily the 2nd best coach we've ever had! Wonder if he's available?
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CL810086 months
damn i guess mr jones is not worried about his job at all
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LSU FSU Grad86 months
"...there are expectations and standards that we demand from our players..." But, apparently, not from our head coach.
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BobABooey86 months
Seems to me that forcing him to continue to play for JJ would be an even worse punishment.
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dred2486 months
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YellaPurp86 months
If they lose tonight, you gotta fire JJ! I can care less about midseason BS.
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Tiger in NY86 months
Kid didn't look interested at all coming off of a suspension. Good for Johnny in this case.
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GoldenAge86 months
Wtf. Johnny jones should be dismissed. Joe Aleva has his head shoved so far up his own arse he can't see how horrible of a coach we have.
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Tiger Nation 8486 months
It was bad. Gonna get Ugly now
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mistert86 months
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Random LSU Hero86 months
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nastytaco486 months
Would rather have you dismissed (since you "self banned" yourself) than to see Victor go. Please go away
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