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Vernonbrew2212 months
Simply put: they had runners at the corners and no outs top 8. What happened next was a great defensive throw and a DP. It felt like they lost it right there. Could have been 3-2 or 9-2. That was their chance to seize back momentum. Two good teams
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Lowes knowsLSU12 months
Damn i guess Jay wanted to lose that game, i have never seen Ty floyd throw more than 3 innings in a big game and he thru 5 or 6 solid innings when he should have been pulled. Anotjer when he should have told 3rd base runner to stay put at 3rd when threw him out at home. Ah well when u got no interests in winning the game i guess might as well throw it away like ya just dont give a damn. Better luck next yr if Coach JJ actually wants it that yr. Florida and Wake are in dfivers seat to face one another. Reminds me of the football player JJ in football vs bama in the title game he didnt want none of bama for the title game and threw it away
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GeauxTigers010712 months
The level of stupid in your post is truly unrivaled. Congratulations.
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Genestealer5512 months
You’re a truly disturbed person.
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Jays pissed. It’s all over him.
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TIGERhype12 months
Leah can’t follow the simplest of instructions. What a hack!
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Tiger198812 months
She is a fricking tool for Tulane Owned Paper and UT grad. The absolute worse kind of HACK. Wilson is 1000000000X better.
Sam King runs circles around all of them writing for that POS Advocate.
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Not a killer among them. I don’t expect to hear a bunch of doom and gloom but I don’t want to hear “we’re just going to keep doing what we do” when you just went 5 for 31 at the plate and squandered most of the opportunities that you did have.
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GoneFishing2112 months
A killer? It’s baseball and what they do has gotten them to the CWS
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ThunderTiger12 months
We should be ready for a run now that we have a loss after winning the last six games. That's about our average wins and losses. Let's Geaux Tigahs!!
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