LSU third baseman Tommy White left Friday's season opener vs. Western Michigan early with an arm/hand injury.

The injury happened in the first inning as White was sliding back into first base.

White, who just transferred to LSU from NC State, was replaced by Jack Merrifield.

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warlock197412 months
Per JJ, dislocated shoulder that needed to be “popped back into place”

He NOT gone
The season is not over
The wheels are still on

It must be an awful place that some of you live in.
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TigersOnTop4Ever12 months
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Geaux Guy12 months
I just slow motioned about a dozen times and looks like sprained wrist.
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emanresu12 months
JJ said it was a shoulder
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honeybadger0712 months
Try another dozen times
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Champagne12 months
Gotta be a World Record for the wheels to fall off this early in the season.
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LSU Bayou Jim12 months
You must be a miserable human being.....
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GoneFishing2112 months
Yeah it sucks that we lost the game and now have to forfeit the rest of the season too.
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rantfan12 months
We won
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Shiftyplus112 months
The one thing that can stop this team in injuries. You have got to be kidding me with this shit.
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CaptainJ4712 months
He gone
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RezrekSon12 months
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Russianblue12 months
fuhhkkkk. the maason smith curse!
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