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The LSU Baseball team is ranked No. 3 in the Collegiate Baseball’s Fabulous 50 NCAA Division I pre-season baseball poll, which was released on Monday.

The Tigers sit just behind Texas and Vanderbilt in the rankings.

Rank Team (2021 Final Record) Points
1. Texas (50-17) 498
2. Vanderbilt (49-18) 494
3. Louisiana St. (38-25) 491
4. Texas Tech. (39-17) 487
5. Stanford (39-17) 484
6. Florida (38-22) 481
7. Oklahoma St. (36-19-1) 480
8. East Carolina (44-17) 476
9. Mississippi St. (50-18) 474
10. Notre Dame (34-13) 473
11. Georgia Tech. (31-25) 470
12. Florida St. (31-24) 468
13. Texas Christian (41-19) 464
14. U.C. Irvine (43-18) 462
15. Louisiana Tech. (42-20) 461
16. Central Michigan (42-18) 458
17. U.C. Santa Barbara (41-20) 454
18. UCLA (37-20) 453
19. Mississippi (45-22) 451
20. Arkansas (50-13) 448
21. Oregon (39-16) 447
22. Arizona (45-18) 445
23. Miami, Fla. (33-21) 441
24. Virginia (36-27) 438
25. North Carolina (28-27) 435

Full Top 50 Rankings
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user avatar
CDawson26 months
Texas, all i need to know to understand polls mean nothing.
user avatar
LSU Tiger Eyes26 months
I can't recall how exciting it has been in anticipating an upcoming baseball season!
user avatar
NASA_ISS_Tiger26 months
Can't wait to see them play! Planning on taking my 13 year old adopted son to a couple games this year. Lost my Dad before we could go to the SEC Tourney in Hoover, but I'm gonna make it up and take my boy. He's a Bama fan right now...but I plan on educating him and getting him to love some Purple and Gold...especially at his sport of baseball. Talk about would make me proud if he got onboard as a catcher with LSU.
user avatar
uppereast26 months
Not trying to be an arse here but why would you have to label your son as adopted? Is it because we might respect you more? Think he likes the label? Regardless, hope you create great LSU memories with your son.
user avatar
LSU_Legz26 months
If you weren't trying, it must just come naturally for you.
user avatar
Tiger_n_ATL26 months
It’s worse To be a Bama fan than it is to be adopted IJS
user avatar
toratiger26 months
Great to see. Now lets geaux.
user avatar
TigahJay26 months
Where’s 10RC and that douchebag Vitello?
user avatar
LSUvet7226 months
Jay going to change things up a bit for sure including making bunting a successful important tool, increasing batting percentages and therefore increased run production.
user avatar
jlbasm26 months
Boot up! Let’s Geaux boys!
user avatar
DVinBR26 months
Highest preseason ranking in a while right?
user avatar
WhiskeyBusiness26 months
We will win the National Championship this year.
user avatar
cypresstiger26 months
I am in support of this prediction
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