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The final tally from Rocco's is in. LSU fans took down 68,888 jello shots during the College World Series. Not bad...

Florida: 4,136
TCU: 7,070
Wake Forest: 7,622
Virginia: 872
Oral Roberts: 3,323
LSU: 68,888
Stanford: 912
Tennessee: 2,207

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Aech201912 months
Ain’t nobody touching that record but us next year!!
user avatar
Jumbo_Gumbo12 months
$475,150.00 for all teams. Almost half a Mil in Jell-O shots. Hahahahaha
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Blutarsky12 months
How much did McKernan pay for it to end at 68,888?
user avatar
SouthernInsanity11 months
According to him he bought 8,888. Yep, you wanna catch that bill, LOL??
user avatar
LSShoe103012 months
Just disappointed we couldn’t get 112 more
user avatar
luciouslou12 months
Rocco got paid
user avatar
Spankum12 months
Holy shite….we bought 68,000 Jell-O shots? That’s absurd!!!
user avatar
Relham1012 months
All the suckers that fell for this got ole Rocco filthy rich
user avatar
SomeLSUguy12 months
Half went to university food banks...
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Mid Iowa Tiger12 months
$350k spent by LSU fans on Jell-O shots. Jay only got a $250k bonus total for winning it all.
user avatar
Cwils222212 months
Damn lol
user avatar
GumplandTiger12 months
$140,000 to LSU food bank. That’s never a bad thing.
user avatar
theBru12 months
I guess bud light got shutout.
user avatar
lsucoonass12 months
Not bad oral Roberts!
user avatar
CanebreakCajun12 months
For real. Less than 3k enrollment, so a real small alumni base.
user avatar
Jarlaxle12 months
in the SEC it just means more.
user avatar
tiger10912 months
They need to have the digital board that we paid for this year, for next year. Louisiana people are just different,it's why I came back home.
user avatar
lsuroadie12 months
the five florida fans that were there took down 4K Jell-O shots? Damn
user avatar
cajunmud12 months
That's not 6800...haha. Gotta be the biggest bizness days of this bar's life.
user avatar
Stew258112 months
Do people in Cali and Virgina not drink?
user avatar
jbird712 months
I was there for the first games in Omaha. I think I saw 2 Stanford fans the entire time. And they were exactly how you think they’d look, hippie SF type people.
user avatar
Geaux Guy12 months
LOL - They certainly don't go to the CWS to support their teams.
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