A Nebraska cheerleader Katrina Kohel was abandoned by her team, so she entered herself into a state competition and the crowd was there for her...

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thejudge14 months
Damn. Talk about guts to go out there solo in high-school when everyone else quit.

Integrity and fortitude. She'll do well.
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Shabath22714 months
Slap the old man and tell him to get a freaking life! It is a cheer competition not his nursing social gathering!

Props to the young lady for press it forward towards her dream!
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YMCA14 months
Why is that old man making ppl sit down? Let them support that brave young lady.
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ALhunter14 months
Must be a really small school. The entire team was 4 girls and three freshmen quit, leaving just one. She actually got 8th place out of 12 teams... imagine losing to a single person?
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KAGTASTIC14 months
Something to be proud of as parents I'm sure. Anyone catch why the rest of the team decided to not go?

Sad thing is there will be some girls who quit, who will be jelly of the attention she's getting...teen girls are cray cray vicious.
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POTUS202414 months
Good for her - being alone out there was probably uncomfortable.
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BobABooey14 months
There’s an “I” in “TEAM” in Iowa, apparently.
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jpainter617414 months
Its spelt "ME"
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kywildcatfanone14 months
That had to be hard to do, but props to her for doing it.
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