This Georgia high school football playoff game saw one of the worst calls ever....
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The line judge (L or LJ) assists the head linesman/down judge at the other end of the line of scrimmage, looking for possible offsides, encroachment and other fouls before the snap. As the play develops, line judges are responsible for the action near their sideline, including whether a player is out of bounds.
(Barstool Sports)
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The Mick16 months
LOL. That's why you're taught so "see leather" before you call a TD. I'm guessing he thought the ball was in the pile of players in the endzone. The umpire in the middle is nodding his head after fats calls the TD, he's at fault too. He should've said no.
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The Torch16 months
He had to think the lead back had the ball, no one could suck that bad
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TigerPaw716 months
That ref bet on the game. Corrupt as can be.
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theBru16 months
Looks like some NFL refs calling a Saints game...
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ncinthenext316 months
It's not just the side judge's fault. That's on the entire crew. Someone else had to see he was short and could've over ruled him. $$$ is the only possible explanation, and they all got some.
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Popo200016 months
100% this was a money ordeal.
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YardEngr1116 months
OMG, how much did he get paid to make that call? That's all it could be. . . . . .
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Toptigerfan8616 months
No defending that. The only possible explanation in my mind, and it’s still indefensible, is if he wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t see who had the ball….but even then get your arse up there and look. Pull your crew mates aside and admit you didn’t see it. Don’t just call it a touchdown. That’s horrible
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Tiger194416 months
SEC has offered him a job.
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CDawson16 months
No, Bama has.
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cajunmud16 months
I believe I'd refuse to put my players back on the field until that shite was fixed.
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3down1016 months
I don't think that would even count in horseshoes or hand grenades.
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tigerterrace16 months
Well someone should shoot him.
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CoyoteSong16 months
Bama refs
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BigTigerJoe16 months
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75503Tiger16 months
Trying to be like an SEC ref, a complete moron
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djp4lsu16 months
Not as bad as Saints-Rams.
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Nix to Twillie16 months
Make him answer for it. Stick a mic in his face and make him defend it. For too long these assholes decide the outcomes of games and have to take no responsibility. They’re part of the game, they should be made to speak for themselves. frick his fat arse:
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Modern16 months
If I was the HC, I’d be fighting.
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WPBTiger16 months
I am not sure about Georgia, but in the Louisiana finals, all scoring plays are reviewed.
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VolcanicTiger16 months
Red = MAGA
White = Biden
Ref = 2020 Election
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Riverside16 months
This ref counts mail-in ballots in his day job.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy16 months
SC not top 10 play if the year

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