Arch Manning Can Now Sign NIL Deals
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According to college football insider Bruce Feldman of The Athletic, Louisiana student-athletes are now cleared to receive NIL deals while still in high school. Look out, Arch Manning. The five-star recruit from the 2023 class is about to paid...
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(The Spun)
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Jude26 months
I have a kindergartener that is very promising...
user avatar
The Torch26 months
Whataburger get busy
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jrowla226 months
NIL deals in high school?!?! thats unreal.
user avatar
Solo Cam26 months
Why are y'all mad about this? Why does it effect you? Good, frick it. He's not coming to LSU so I hope Bama pays 10 million and that comes out of their budget they could have used landing other guys. It doesn't matter. College football is dead and A&M is pissing on its ashes.
user avatar
6R1226 months
well you are correct about most of the stuff you said. The only thing I say is it is ruining college sports and that upsets me. Yes let Bama spend a ton on him.
user avatar
tiger10926 months
Damn, u ok?
user avatar
kkv7526 months
The downfall of college football continues.
user avatar
ItNeverRains26 months
Dude definitely has that I put small animals in the freezer as a kid vibe going.
user avatar
Portcityblues26 months
Get ready for schools with money that care about sports to start poaching from the poorer schools and paying athletes to attend their school. You just thought recruiting used to be bad before.
user avatar
mcpotiger26 months
Revlon Deal incoming
user avatar
idlewatcher26 months
With this Lebron level buildup, this kid will have a long fall if he fails
user avatar
Placekicker26 months
user avatar
Purple Spoon26 months
This kid will never live up to the hype.
user avatar
Ponchy Tiger26 months
Yep, seen him play. Good player, can be a solid college QB, maybe even make a NFL roster if he continues to improve. I just don't think he will be a superstar like many predict.
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