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Last week we excitedly shared an unearthed gem of a video showing John Daly drilling a 50-yard(!) field goal at a Denver Broncos practice three decades ago. Amazing stuff. But today we're equally as excited to share some related news: John Daly still has it.

And by it we mean a booming leg that made him the placekicker for a Missouri high school football team that won a state title four decades ago. Or, rather, a booming foot, because while Daly still kicks lefty, the two-time major champ apparently likes to do his kicking barefooted now.

Not quite 50 yards (probably more like 30), but still impressive. And again, in his bare feet. Talk about an elite athlete. Somehow the NFL season is starting on Thursday and this guy is still a free agent!

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SwampyWaters10 months
Wow! Have to say I'm impressed, but can he please trim that beard back a little!
user avatar
atltiger648710 months
barefoot, but straight-on kick? He’ll break his toe!! Barefoot works with soccer style, but damn, John.
user avatar
3deadtrolls10 months
John Daly is a national treasure.
user avatar
NorthstarinLA10 months
He was like the Kicker on the TV Movie with Gene Hackman.. smoking a cigarette while he's kicking and a beer on the bench...
user avatar
Harry Rex Vonner10 months
damn he's going to murder is big toe - you gotta do soccer style if you're kicking bare foot
user avatar
deltaland10 months
Daly is one of those rare people that can do everything bad for your health yet somehow it doesn’t seem to affect him
user avatar
Gaston10 months
That was terrible.
user avatar
BowDownToLSU10 months
We the same age. I’m in decent shape but doubt I could make that. You’ll be here one day. Once you get past 55 it’s rough
user avatar
KingofthePoint10 months
We get it. Your kid is a kicker. No one cares.
user avatar
WPBTiger10 months
If I am remembering correctly, didn't he kick a field goal for the Colts in a preseason games.
user avatar
LSUvet7210 months
Put a LSU jersey on that chubbolla !
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