Golfer Paige Spiranac invites us to play this hole with her...

Play a hole with me! Par 4, 310 yards

Golf is so much fun when you can trust your equipment! @swaggolfco putters are now in @txgxcc! Head over to your local Club Champion to get fit today! Can use code PAIGE for a discount
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4x4tiger9 months
I love this chick....if my marriage falls through, I'm looking up Paige
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Xhero10 months
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JackieTreehorn10 months
Man I’d love to frick her.
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Wanna suck on dem titties!
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swampwiz10 months
She could knock the balls around my T anytime.
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SoFla Tideroller10 months
Do people really think she hit a 276 yard drive?
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Warfarer10 months
when the pressure is on, she hits bombs off the tee, wedges to mere feet and sinks every putt. I think she birdies every hole she plays.

She was a legit player, she played at SDSU I think and won a mini tour event as a pro. She is a good player but she makes much more money whoring her tits out to desperate men.
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cypresstiger10 months
whoring her tits out to desperate men.
—not that there’s anything wrong with that
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cajunmud10 months
Shoulda had panties that match the shirt.
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ncinthenext310 months
I wouldn't be able to let her cross the room without jumping her.
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LSU FSU Grad10 months
She definitely made a a clear effort to turn more into the slide with gratuitous shots (cleavage, butt, crotch) and double entendres. There's nothing wrong with that, but I enjoyed the "innocence" of before when she "acted" like she didn't know and was just doing golf bits. Now it's just a tease game. Getting old. Take it off or move on.
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GeauxWrek10 months
Either show em rats or gtfo
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Iceman195510 months
Boobs interrupting swing!
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