Golfer Paige Spiranac is kicking off the new year with a little short game tutorial...

Short game tutorial! I know there are many ways to hit these shots but this is what I’ve been taught by the best instructors in the world and I know it will help make some difficult shots a little easier for you! Give it a try!

1. Low spinner-Tiger taught me this shot at his charity outing (coolest moment of my life) he said to open the face, choke down, hands forward, narrow and open stance, swing out to in, and weight on your front leg

2. Bunker shot-Wide stance, weight forward, open face, choke down, ball is slightly forward of center, butt end of club at belly button, turn around your front leg, throw hands from the top, good tempo

3. Touchy spin shot off a downhill lie-Wider than shoulder length stance, open face, choke down, weight forward, throw the hands, and good tempo is extra important here. Let the club head do all the work, you don’t need to force it

4. Flop shot-identical technique to the bunker shot. If you master one, you master them both!

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DeafVallyBatnR16 months
Has anyone ever seen any woman wearing outfits on golf course like Paige wears?
user avatar
We could only wish .lol
user avatar
Warwick16 months
yea, but theyre not there to play golf either
user avatar
Placekicker16 months
Only in my fantasies…
user avatar
Her tits get bigger every day it's wild.
user avatar
OldNo.716 months
Not the low spinner I want to see her work on
user avatar
upgrayedd16 months
The inflection these chicks use in their voice overs on these videos is annoying AF
user avatar
ForLSU5616 months
Short game but money says she prefers "long" game.
user avatar
Spasweezy16 months
She is porking up.
user avatar
lastfan16 months
I boned her.
user avatar
dstone1216 months
You were the last fan to do it.
user avatar
Crimson1st16 months
Wonder if Tiger Woods tapped that? She seems to be his type…well to be fair she’s pretty much any straight dude’s type.
user avatar
Tiger in Co16 months
Her rack is so awesome is there really anything else that matters
user avatar
WinnPtiger16 months
it’s fake
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