Mics Pick Up Pro Golfer Farting On Tee Shot At Travelers Championship This Morning
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Greg Chalmers, a 46-year-old golfer from Australia, teed off on the number 1 hole at Travelers Championship this morning. He’s playing with Ian Poulter. After Chalmers let his tee shot rip, he let one rip...
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LSUJJP44 months
Hope he yelled "Far-t!!!"
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3down1044 months
2 rips, 1 tee
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WildcatMike44 months
Dammit was not Chalmers who let it rip, it was Poulter. You’re killing your father.
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Le Tenia44 months
That was Chalmers. Ian was busting his chops. Now apologize to Larry.
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EulerRules44 months
Hope there's no Mulligan stew in his shorts.
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Skinny44 months
With the market these days if you own anything but land you own a popcorn farm. Oh! Somebody step on a duck!
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thumperpait44 months
Talk about ripping a drive.
user avatar
FowlGuy44 months
Exhaust leak or blown O ring
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bengalman44 months
Blew that one right by his golfing partner!
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