You come at golfer Paige Spiranac on Twitter, she's going to respond. Which is fine by all of us...
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(The Spun)
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caliegeaux14 months
larry minnitti probably made #2 in his diapers just after he typed that and then took a nap.
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BayouTiga14 months
Wow, someone 'got under her skin'. Not becoming!
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Xhero14 months
Reason her head is drooping is the weight of all that lipstick. She's taking beauty tips from Whoopie again.
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GalacticaCannon14 months
Quick. Someone tell her she doesn’t have nipples.
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chinhoyang14 months
He was a paid shill for her
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thermal922114 months
Lol first thing I thought of. But it’s all good.
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Good comeback there Paige keep em coming.
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CallmeSteveo14 months
I’d like to give her some cum back
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SECdragonmaster14 months
I like these kinds of comebacks. Both of them.
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