Ahead of this weekend's Saudi International, Bubba Watson spoke to reporters and told an absurd story about why he joined up with LIV in the first place. It wasn't because LIV gave him $50 million guaranteed? No, apparently it was because his 10-year-old son was able to identify which teams are which in the league...
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OchoDedos13 months
I bet Bubba's kid also knows McIlroy, Thomas, and Horschel are on the Whiney Vag Team.
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Strannix13 months
I can't stand his simp arse, what a clown
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TDTOM13 months
Bubba is a clown.
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FredBear13 months
The more they bitch and moan about the LIV tour the more I support it. There's nothing written in stone that states the PGA is entitled to be the biggest tour there is, if they want to continue to be so they need to take steps to make it happen
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ThatTigerGuy13 months
The PGA actually built the competitive tour golf model of decades of building and refining the competition and rules. LIV tour? Not so much. Built nothing. Bought everyone.
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SmackDaniels13 months
Maybe the media can't see he is trolling them and he's purposely not giving them the answer they want. So now they're pissy about it.
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lsuson13 months
Who cares? Money talks. Thats why the PGA is playing catch-up
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tigerpawl13 months
Watson was quoted as saying, "$$$ last week $$$$$$$$$$, and I $$$$$$$. Therefore, I could $$$$ and $$. Any questions?"
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Billy Mays13 months
At this point everyone knows the deal. Expecting all LIV golfers who have a personal brand and now their new league to protect are just going to come out publicly "I just did it for the money, I'm rich biatch!" is unrealistic and stupid.
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chalmetteowl13 months
Most of them were rich beforehand
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