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Who doesn't love a good ole buddy fight on the golf course?...

An argument between two men on the green at The Villages over golf etiquette led to one of them facing a battery charge, according to Sumter County deputies.

Richard Randell, 77, entered a not guilty plea for his alleged crime against his 84-year-old friend. ... [T]he incident happened between the two golfers on April 29 at De La Vista Golf Course. ...

Around the fourth hole, [a witness] said the two began arguing, which was something they reportedly did often.

The affidavit said the friend told Randell – who was standing on the green near the hole — to move, to which Randell replied, saying he knew the etiquette of the game.

They continued to argue, the report stated, and the friend reportedly flipped off Randell. Randell then approached his friend and reportedly said, "do that again, and I will hit you," the affidavit stated.

The friend flipped him off again and that's when Randell reportedly punched the man in the face, and the friend fell to the ground.
(Barstool Sports)
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user avatar
FatDawg24 months
I get the feeling these two play together because nobody, NOBODY, else will.
user avatar
LSU Jax24 months
“which was something they reportedly did often.” LMFAO!! Something tells me these two raised some hell back in the day.
user avatar
DownSouthCrawfish24 months
Well he warned him
user avatar
Captain Lafitte24 months
Gendason tried to murder Pinkus. Poor little Pinkus.
user avatar
Triple Bogey24 months
user avatar
VaeVictus24 months
Sounds like a good idea for an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
user avatar
Jabontik24 months
Florida. KNEW IT
user avatar
JCinBAMA24 months
I thought it would be he was pencil whipping him.
user avatar
CaptainsWafer24 months
I bet old men fight like I do in my dreams, in slow motion.
user avatar
rob6224 months
Well yeah
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