A 7U youth baseball umpire acted quickly when one of the game's players was caught in the middle of what's being described as a "dustnado"...
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"The weather was relatively fine until the fourth inning and all chaos broke lose. As the batter was entering the box, all of the sudden what looks like a tornado touched down at home plate. Now, these are not technically tornados, but they sure look like them and certainly have the ability to cause major injury and damage," Outkick wrote.
(The Spun)
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Sput12 months
Work with some black dudes once that said if you stood in the middle of one and opened your eyes you would see an Indian
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The Boat12 months
This is so stupid. No one was in danger. Kids love to chase after those things.
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jawnybnsc12 months
A dust devil and and a tornado are two different things.
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Notclamdip12 months
That kid was enjoying it. When I was in 5th grade one of these kicked up across the playground. I sprinted to it and jumped in. It slung me a few feet down onto my arse. It was a rush.
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goodgrin12 months
One of the teams nickname was Sharks. So, Sharknado?
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Jack Daniel12 months
That was close Jaxton
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cajunmud12 months
Killed the kid's thrill.
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MaHittaMaHitta12 months
Can't not laugh at this. That poor kid probably thought his life was over lol
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jlbasm12 months
Injury from what? Losing your balance? It’s dust people the kid will recover and prayers for the hero umpire.
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