That 13-Year-Old Umpire Explains How That Adult Brawl Broke Out During Little League Game
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This parents brawl broke out last weekend at Westgate Elementary School in Lakewood, Colorado during a game between a group of 7-year-old kids after a parent didn't like the 13-year-old umpire's call. Now the umpire speaks with his side of the story...

Cordova said that “when an old man dropped the f-bomb on the sidelines” he issued a formal warning to both fans and the teams from the Bear Creek Junior Sports Association to knock it off.

“It was kind of weird,” the young umpire said. “I shouldn’t have to tell a grown man how to act around little kids.”

Rather than heed the umpire’s call for calm, the adults on both sides of the diamond started to argue over whether the offending fan should be removed from the grounds at Westgate Elementary School. The barking turned to fisticuffs with adults running on to the field and throwing punches.

“I issued it (the warning) to the entire field, and then everybody started yelling and screaming and it just got really chaotic, like, ‘He should should be ejected, he should be out of there.’ Coaches were pointing,” Cordova recalled.
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When we were in little league the next age group up were the coaches and kids a little older were the umps. Most the games were n the daytime, so parents didn't come. We got two games a year on the big field at night with lights and an electric scoreboard. Arguments were few, every kid got to play three innings, every kids got a turn to bat. Damn it was fun.
Reply13 months
You can't spell brawl without baw
Reply14 months
These 7 yr olds watching the “adults” brawl & thinking, “I could be inside with the AC, eating Cheetos, playing video games.”
Reply14 months
Problem, 13 yrs old kid. Adult is not listening to him whether he is right or wrong. Plus more and more of this is happening because umps in these leagues can not deal with someone telling them that was a bad call.
Reply14 months
Its 7 year olds. You would think he would not have to be in that position. It all started because an adult was dropping f bombs at a game full of 7 year olds.
14 months
Any pics of the Finnish Baseball players wives/girlfriend Larry?
Reply14 months
the real issue here should be the morons who think a 13 year old can properly deal with this stuff. It's no knock on a kid, but who thinks the average adult, much less these immature adults, will respect a child.
Reply14 months
I’ve seen it happen here too. In nearly every instance, it’s the parent who doesn’t mind cheating to win and others just getting fed up with it.
Reply14 months
There was a video posted on here several weeks back of parents fighting on a baseball field, yet the kid stood there at the T-ball tee just patiently waiting for his turn to bat, it was hilarious to see that
Reply14 months
Little kid was like, "frick yeah, this IS America!"
14 months
Thank God we finally have the younger generation that may start to correct the error of the millennial's parents. Kudos to the mature ump.
Reply14 months
Thank God we have this explanation, I couldn’t sleep last night, wondering the reason for such shenanigans
Reply14 months
You couldn't sleep due to sheer stupidity.
14 months
If I was the guy that dropped the f-bomb and everyone was telling me to leave I would leave peacefully and either go home or go sit in my vehicle. I’m not going to end up on the Internet over a children’s sporting event.
Reply14 months
You probably wouldn’t drop the F bomb at a t-ball game either
14 months
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