San Antonio H.S. Football Players Said Ref Used Racial Slur
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The newest development in the high school players brutally spearing a ref during a game last weekend has the school district releasing this statement of its findings into the incident, claiming the players said the ref used a racial slur...

AUSTIN—In cooperation with the University Interscholastic League, Northside Independent School District is conducting a thorough investigation into the incident in which two students targeted an official during the football game on September 4, 2015 between San Antonio Jay High School and Marble Falls High School.

According to the district, the students involved allege that the official used a racial slur towards them and a Jay High School assistant coach made comments that could have led the students to make improper contact with the official.

Northside ISD will conduct a disciplinary hearing for the students and treat the incident as an assault on a school official. The assistant coach has been placed on administrative leave by the district while the investigation continues. The district is in the process of filing an official report to the Texas Association of Sports Officials regarding the racial slur allegations.

Interactions between coaches, students and officials should always be respectful and an official’s safety should never be compromised during a competition. The University Interscholastic League supports the initial disciplinary measures Northside ISD has taken and the UIL State Executive Committee will continue the investigation at an emergency hearing tomorrow.

The UIL State Executive Committee will convene at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 9 at the Austin Marriott North in Round Rock. The committee will hear a report on alleged UIL rules violations by San Antonio Jay High School, students and coaches involved in the incident. The State Executive Committee has the authority to impose additional sanctions as appropriate.
Earlier Tuesday it was reported that the ref "wanted" to press charges.
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At the end of the day do you believe 2 players and a coach that just assaulted an official on the field or the victim. We have video of the assault so that guilt is unquestionable. I would find it much easier to believe the kids had they not attacked the guy. Now it just looks like someone is screaming racism because they are in too deep and are now in a pinch.
Reply67 months
Seriously man? Your part of the issue kiNupe if you can't see the issue here. And blacks don't own the market on being discriminated against a-hole. Blacks make racial remarks and discriminate against other races all the time. Prejudices are part of human nature. Give all four of them a lie detector test to see if he used it he word but at the end of the day the kids should be expelled and banned from playing high school sports. Same goes for the assistant coach. Considering they planned the hit, it becomes premeditated. If more on the team knew about it then they should just shutdown the program.
Reply67 months
He's a grown man out there talking shyt to kids because he knows he's protected. Thats half the problem in the world, policies and kumbayaing doesn't change people. Fear changes people, good for him. I'm been through that crap before in HS every time we had a game in north Mississippi and that craps gotta stop. Don't expect the majority to understand though, how could you
Reply67 months
Global warming = Obama
Drought in the west = Obama
Wireless mouse lagging = Obama
You mofo's are funny funny funny
Reply67 months
Holy hell. Mention race and get 41 comments. People come out the wood works hehehe(evil grin). Larry you should post a lot of racial sports topics, you'd get 30+ people commenting on every thread. lmafao. Damn Obama!!!!
Reply67 months
When in doubt.. Play the race card!
Reply67 months
Lay off "Larry" - all he's doing is reporting what the school district said.
Reply67 months
Oh now its "under investigation". That really CHANGES THINGS Larry.
Reply67 months
When in trouble...always play the race card. The race card excuses any behavior in America these days. It's an Obama world.
Reply67 months
I didn't know comment sections had pages :lol:
Reply67 months
What about the time you called me a pickle-eating, fez-wearing, jig-jogging grumbledook Larry?

After the fact claims mean diddly-squat. They are the last straw grasps of desperate men. They are trying to justify assault. And you are complicit.
Reply67 months
Is tigger droppings promoting this behavior & assault?
Reply67 months
So the "changes things" comes from tiger droppings? Pretty shitty if so.
Reply67 months
That doesn't matter.

They deserve assault charges and jail time.
Reply67 months
No, it doesn't change things. I swear I heard something about sticks and stones?? A word is never an excuse for assault. Period.
Reply67 months
Changes nothing! A man can call you anything he wants. If you attack him with objects that can harm, you're in the wrong.

Wasn't the first guy to hit him white?
Reply67 months
Why does that "change things?" Since when did someone's words give you the right to physically injure that person? It that kind of stupidity that fuels the PC world we live in.
Reply67 months

Game, set and match to the race baiters.
Reply67 months
Larry, your life matters. This story, not so much.
Reply67 months
There are all kinds of slurs that happen in a football game...if it was another player then that is ok …#refslifesmatter
Reply67 months
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