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Hey, if you gotta go, you gotta go...

A Boston Marathon runner was caught on camera Monday dropping their shorts on someone’s front lawn in order to relieve themselves during the 26.2 mile-long race.

Over 30,000 marathoners partook in the annual run, with many of them finishing in three, four, five hours, or more — and often forgoing a bathroom break.

For at least one runner, that was simply too long to wait.

In the video, the marathon participant can be seen standing in the far corner of the front lawn, dropping their pants and squatting down.
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ChineseBandit5814 months
A Boston Marathon runner was caught on camera Monday dropping their shorts on someone’s front lawn in order to relieve themselves:
A runner dropped THEIR shorts to relieve THEMselves - what the ever lovin' shite is this country coming to??

Civilization cannot exist without a functional language.
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smoke22514 months
No wipe, gonna be a problem once you get a mile up the road.
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DeafVallyBatnR14 months
Frenchman Bend CC had the Nike or whatever the tour was called at the time. Some foreign golfer just walked out into the weeds and took a dump. No tree cover or anything. When nature calls you got to go.
user avatar
TDFreak14 months
I’ve been in this situation before. Thankfully long before doorbell cameras.
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davich14 months
He had squatter's rights!
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Spankum14 months
Dude could at least have tried to dump in that tree line 20 feet behind him…and they say southerners have no tact……
user avatar
ForLSU5614 months
In todays fricked up world, he may have been squatting to piss.
user avatar
RazzleDazzle14 months
user avatar
Purple Spoon14 months
Better than running the last two miles with shite rolling into your socks like some of those idiots.
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TKLSUMD14 months
I ran it as well. Thankfully, I was able to deliver the goods in the porta-potty prior to the race. Otherwise, it could have been me. When you got to go, you got to go. Unfortunately at that time of day, he probably still had 3 hours left to run which means quite a bit of chafing.
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TooSober14 months
New rule.... if you can run a marathon, you can crap wherever you want.
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thedogman14 months
what I call a Boston Marathon Bomber
user avatar
jatilen14 months
That's shitty
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