Earlier this week we saw the new flame-themed helmets Arizona State will be sporting when they play Notre Dame this Saturday in Dallas. Well, the Irish has unveiled these gold domes they'll be wearing in that game. What do you think?

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JBearden125 months
whose the hottie in the back
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Carson123987125 months
ugly as shite.

downvote, harry
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Harry Caray125 months
These are badass
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bama84125 months
You know a team sucks or has a little bro problem when they start dicking with their unis.
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troywew125 months
That's so precious. They got matching earrings and pantyhose to go with that?
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beaumont livingston125 months
not bad.
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MThawg125 months
As much as I hate Notre Dame, I usually like their uniforms.
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TbirdSpur2010125 months
I'd like them if they weren't notre dame. I'm obligated to hate them on principle.

Nice lids, tho.

frick nd, still.
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skullopener125 months
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Babboo125 months
Those look pretty good actually. I believe it would have been better if they stayed more traditional and left the shamrock off of the helmet, but the green facemask with the gold looks awesome.

I still hate ND....
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