Lolo Jones Should Not Have Used Raw Garlic Clove As Cold Remedy
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports
Lolo Jones was trying home remedies for curing a cold and stumbled upon eating a clove of garlic. Boy did she regret that...

n a few hours this will disappear. I tried out home remedies for a cough.
Full story on Snapchat:lolojones

Is this going to be a new challenge of some sort? Because this guy then tried it and is also regretting it...

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"That's what she sounds like when I am pounding it"

She wasn't laughing in the video.....
Reply64 months
Lolo is love. Lolo is life.

Reply64 months
Lolo, put dat garlic in a duck breast girl.
Reply64 months
Raw garlic is very good for you and an a general antibiotic. Garlic also used to be called Russian Penicillin and for good reason too.

Now where LoLo messed up was trying to chew up a whole clove. Garlic should be crushed and minced up and let to stand for a few mins up to 90 mins. You get more allicin this way, which is the good stuff in garlic. Then you just spoon it in your mouth and wash it around with some water and swallow. No taste other than perhaps some burps later on.
Reply64 months
I once ate a spoonful of raw, minced garlic on a lazy weekend and my ambient smell about killed my step brother. But my immune system felt great!
Reply64 months
Dis basic bitch sound like a crow squawkin.
Reply64 months
I love eating raw garlic and am healthy as a horse, aside from the gas.
Reply64 months
Now I have a conversation starter next time I see her in the BR Costco.
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Reply64 months
clove of garlic challenge?
Reply64 months
Goddamnit, Larry.
Reply64 months
@GTSwarms downvoted cuz you're a dick. But I did get a good laugh from that though.
Reply64 months
does she live her life on instagram or something? this seems weird
Reply64 months
Go away LoLo, your 15 minutes are up
Reply64 months
That's what she sounds like when I am pounding it
Reply64 months
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