Check out this odd play during the Connecticut state playoffs between Darien and Southington where a WR takes a shoulder from the ref after a catch, causing him to fumble...
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This isn't suspect, right?
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vodkacop102 months
What a pussy. Always protect the ball. Kid shouldnt have tried to use the ref as a blocker. Who fumbles to a slight tap of a refs arm...
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SaturdayTraditions102 months
Ref did nothing wrong. Also, this is an umpire... he never runs the length of the field... NEVER! Kid needs to stop being a little wuss and needs to learn to hold the ball.
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BallCoachinFool102 months
I like the exchange between the ref and the kid. Both were like WTF and the ref says "Come at me bro" as he throws up his arms to suggest it wasn't his fault.
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TexasTiger89102 months
So what was the call?
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houndstoothbandit102 months
Auburn offer on the way.
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randomways102 months
The ref's only sin was being too chunky to get out of the way fast enough.

I honestly don't know how refs like that can run the length of the field when necessary.
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Muahahaha102 months
If that kid fumbled on that (barley being touched)...then he deserved to fumble.
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Rebel Land Shark102 months
He was just standing there.
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GeorgeTheGreek102 months
Ref should throw a flag on himself for targeting. fricking thug POS.
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TwoDatBait102 months
Now I see why they only let you do Jerkoff pieces, Larry....
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SPEEDY102 months
Come on Larry. He didn't lower his shoulder
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Spilled Milk102 months
Lowered his shoulder? Huh?
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Thracken13102 months
he didnt lower his shoulder - he was trying to get out of the way and the kid ran into him.
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