On Tuesday morning, Harry Douglas joined Mike Greenberg and Alan Hahn for Get Up. At one point tweet from Heather Dinich, who works with Douglas on the ESPN's college football coverage, was brought up showing a snake she found in her plants. That's when Douglas silenced the crowd with his snake encountered...
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jjv000412 months
I think it's hilarious how many supposed big, strong men are afraid of snakes, who by the way eat mice and other nasty things you don't want in your house.
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TigerPaw712 months
Sucks to be a snake, everyone hates those no good MoFos.
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Aech201912 months
Would rather the kids' safety over a snake.
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SkintBack12 months
That's some commentary I can get behind
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eddieray12 months
The silence was awesome
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PeleofAnalytics12 months
Should have chopped the snake up while tilling a soy bean field. That would be celebrated.
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Timeoday12 months
PETA is watching. Snakes are animals and must be treated ethically.
If PETA comes to your door, throw a snake on them to learn how to treat an animal ethically.
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ncinthenext312 months
Serpent murder = totally acceptable
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DeafVallyBatnR12 months
What's the problem? I cut its head off.
user avatar
Miganey12 months
Thats humane though
user avatar
AUbagman12 months
Actually, since they're cold blooded, they live a long while after decapitation. Most humane was is squashing the skull.
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