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Allegations of cheating have hit this year's athan's Famous Hot Dog Contest...

The competitive eating world has been rocked by hard-to-swallow claims that a contender in this year’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest cheated to beef up his score.

Nick Wehry — husband of women’s division champion Miki Sudo — is being accused of using sleight of hand trickery during the July Fourth contest in order to inflate his tally of eaten hot dogs and falsely place himself among the sport’s elite contenders, according to two sources closely involved in the competition.

“100% he cheated,” one source told The Post Tuesday.

On the day of the competition, Wehry’s score was a respectable 46.75 hot dogs when they called it out at Coney Island, good enough for a fourth-place finish, according to footage and reports, including by The Post and ESPN.

But that figure later jumped to 51.75 on the official Major League Eating (MLE) results website, allegedly giving him credit for five full wieners more than he was actually served during the competition, the sources said. …

Wehry has been accused of “stealing plates” from another competitor’s stack and putting them on his own place setting to raise his score above 50. …

One source suggested that Wehry asked for a recount after the initial judge’s tallying took place, concerned his true total wouldn’t cut the mustard in the highly competitive field of contenders.

“I can only assume he demanded a recount after stealing the plate,” the source claimed.
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user avatar
TFH11 days
Oh look they’re trying to drum up some “controversy” to get people to pay attention
user avatar
ColdTurkey11 days
My ex would put this falsehooded mf to shame
user avatar
TerryDawg0312 days
No Kamala jokes yet?
user avatar
EasterEgg12 days
She can really shove those weiners down there...
user avatar
AtlantaLSUfan12 days
Who the hell would want to marry a female competitive eater
user avatar
TheRouxGuru12 days
Umm…….. black guys?
user avatar
Black n Gold12 days
Crazy to think there are woman married to men who down so many wieners with ease.
user avatar
TigerB812 days
I was coming here hoping the cheating was about someone in the parking lot smoking a doobie in their van in order to induce "the munchies". We've never seen an appetite like this before...something is off. We need to launch an investigation.
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