Kelsey Green is a 17-year-old from Bullard, Texas, who weighs 112 pounds. Sounds normal right? Now here she is squatting 350 pounds...

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Weak. You don't even have to get to 90 degrees for squats anymore?
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The wraps are for safety not to help her lift more. Granted wraps do give you probably a 10-15 lbs boost, but they are used for safety
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Using knee wraps does not affect the outcome of the lift. Same with gloves, chalk and straps. That kid was protecting her knees. Period. It was an impressive lift for a 112lb , teenage girl. Let's leave it at that.
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@Tiger1242 - Call me insanely stupid then. That was my point, I'm not a power lifter because I don't do stuff like wrap my knees. It's stupid and a crutch. Lift what you can, or don't. It's the same as gloves with me.

Also, form was bad, period. Mainly just with her stance. The squat itself didn't bother me for a 17 year old girl.
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Man yall are either insanely jealous or insanely stupid
A. Of course her knees were wrapped, she's at a powerlifting meet EVERYONE WRAPS THEIR KNEES
B. Her squat got 3 white lights because it was a legal, valid squat. Her form is designed to help such a small person lift such a large amount of wait and it isn't an uncommon styles
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Sadly, still better form and more weight than 93% of OT males.
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Really Larry?
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A) Knees wrapped - bullshite
B) Her feet were so far apart and almost pointed outwards

That whole thing was weird. Yes, she's a girl and a kid but that's the point! Why would adults not teach her correctly. This is a quick way to injure yourself at a young age.
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1.) she looks like a fricking midget
2.) her form was terrible. I wouldn't reward myself a squat that didn't come close to parallel. Kudos to her for trying at least I guess. She didn't hesitate to jump under the load.
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How the hell did that shitty squat get awarded three white lights?! Under no circumstances should that be considered proper powerlifting depth.
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One of the worst squats I've ever seen.
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