UFC Star Jon Jones Returns To Streets To Stop Vandals, Leads Prayer Circle With Cops
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UFC star Jon Jones isn't sitting back and letting vandals have their way with his city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. On Monday, he hit the streets once again to help stop the violence, rebuild and pray...

"We are fathers, we are brothers, are business owners, we are members of this community and we don't want to see you spray painting for no reason. We don't want to see you guys throwing rocks through windows for no reason. We don't want to see you guys breaking down hard-earned businesses for no reason."

"Tonight we're gonna try and stop as many of you as we can."

Jones explained, "We come in peace. We're going to use our voices, our numbers and were going to be the difference."

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Dude is a stand up guy. Super humble and down to earth. He has had some turbulence in his career, but this shows this mans heart. He could be doing the easy thing, and pile on like LeFraud Blames and the other followers. This is called true leadership and respect. Something those guys don't have a clue about.
Reply18 months
Jones is gaining a lot of people’s respect
Reply18 months
This guy is a total bad arse and is setting a great example. This is what leadership looks like people!!
Reply18 months
Then he did some coke and beat up the cops he prayed with
Reply18 months
That dude could literally end you in less than 30 seconds. I guess its easy to be badass behind a keyboard though....
18 months
I didnt say he couldn't beat me up lol.
18 months
One guy doing something good and you want to shite on him. Grow up.
18 months
Great gesture, unfortunately it didn't stop the looters!
Reply18 months
Now that's a leader.
Reply18 months
Good man doing good work.
Reply18 months
Alpha AF.
Reply18 months
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