Paul Finebaum 'Doesn’t See'  Alabama Making College Football Playoff
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ESPN’s Paul Finebaum isn't convinced the Alabama will be a part of this year’s College Football Playoff and here's why...

“I don’t think I’ve gone against Alabama in 10 years but I’m betting my house against them this time,” Finebaum said. “I don’t see it because they have to play Georgia. They can negotiate the rest of the season and they probably will. If you look at the FPI, they don’t have what I would call a really dangerous game. Well, of course, I didn’t think Texas A&M was a dangerous game, but to beat Georgia, they have to do things they haven’t done this year. And quite frankly, Heather already laid out the Georgia template. I don’t see it happening.”
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Heather Dumbitch is clueless about college football.
Reply2 months
He said the same shite every year when we lost game and still won the title then acted like he never said it. He is a weasel and always has been.
Reply2 months
So when Alabama beats UGA or even plays them close, Paul can say that the game justifies putting Alabama in the playoffs ahead of unbeaten teams or teams with a better resume.
Reply2 months
It’s Georgia so I’ll believe it when I see it. I damn sure won’t bet the house.
Reply2 months
Look at me I'm paul! Look at me!
Reply2 months
Anything to get cawlers to Pawl!
Reply2 months
Pawl will need to be under psyche watch, if Alabama doesn't make the playoffs.
Reply2 months
Suicide Watch !
2 months
what's that you say Pawl? Rating are down? Maybe you can say something that will fire people up and jack up the level of interest people have in your program?
Reply2 months
Dem ears, damnnn!!!!1
Reply2 months
Can we go back for a span of years when Bama won the Natty after dropping a game in the regular season...I recall the Cowherds of the world talking about how Saban was washed up, the game had passed him by, yada...and then the same year Bama wins the natty and has gone on to win more. One would think it unwise to go there this year as well if they looked at recent history like this...I sure won't be against them no matter who they play. Do so at your own risk...
Reply2 months
I think Finebaum expects Georgia to beat Bama, but I wouldn’t bet on that.
2 months
That is true.
Reply2 months
We aren't one of the top 4 teams this year. Not a stretch.
Reply1 month
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