ESPN analyst Jay Williams called out Alabama fans for the lack of atmosphere during last night's home game against Clemson...
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Lieutenant Dan3 months
Shrimp dick wokester has an opinion - News at 11
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Chad4Bama3 months
Basketball season started?
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SomeLSUguy3 months
Don't feel bad, the LSU MBB team still doesn't know its started...
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TouchdownTony3 months
He's a Duke guy. He wouldn't understand.
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Bige113 months
It’s not Cameron indoor like he’s used to
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The football games are usually like that too.
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jbird73 months
What happens when you have basketball during football season.
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BobABooey3 months
At least the basketball team still has a chance to make the post-season tournament.
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TheRouxGuru3 months
Pretty sure bama’s bowl eligible. I’ll have to check their website

Swing and a miss…..
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