Butch Jones Shares What He Learned Under Nick Saban
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Butch Jones spent three years as an assistant to Nick Saban at Alabama before recently becoming Arkansas State's new head coach. While speaking to ESPNU Radio on Wednesday, Jones talked about the things he learned under Saban...

“It’s really had to narrow that down to one or two things,” Jones said. “I think it’s a cumulative effect. The big thing is, people use the term loosely, the process and following the process but understanding the true definition of how you coach and how you teach the process and what it means. His balance overall as a head coach and all the things that are associated with that job and how he goes about his business… and how he manages. He does an incredible job of balancing everything that’s associated with being a head coach from the alumni, the donors, the media, to player development, to the former players, the coaching staff, support staff, you name it…

“Those three years were remarkable. Last year was one of the best years I’ve ever had in this profession of being a part of a national championship team. But really getting to know him as a coach and an even better person.”
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Learned Outstanding car washing techniques and location of the best dry cleaners.
Reply2 months
Saban has a swagger that Butch will never have anywhere close to the balls to duplicate. Dream on Butch. Even if you had been a grasshopper at Master Saban's feet for 100 years, you would never be half the coach that he is. May as well go back to using stupid-as-frick motivational tools like gilded garbage cans and bling chains to motivate your players.
Reply2 months
Not sure why you feel the need to disparage Butch. There are very few coaches that that could even begin to immulate CNS. By all accounts Butch was loved by the players and CNS thought enough about him to keep him around. And he is reportedly a big reason that Najee didn't transfer after his freshman season, thus helping us win the NC this year. I wish Butch success in his future.
2 months
Butch needs to have the REC behind him, doling out the cash.
Reply2 months
I bet if he stole money from a children's cancer hospital, he'd really recruit great.
2 months
Roll Tide Butch
Reply2 months
Ok Butch, we're going to put you on the list of people that will be considered for the job when Nick leaves. Definitely will not hire you, but we will put your name out there to give you a perception boost. You're good people.
Reply2 months
frick that guy. Still can't belive he was smoking cigars bragging about beating Tennesee the year after he got fired. He recruited damn near everyone of those kids and they came to play for them. Then he's celebrating beating them less than 12 months later. Pussy.
Reply2 months
2 months
“Process” is definitely Saban’s go-to word. That and a’ight
Reply2 months
Jones said absolutely nothing of substance. Just that Saban balances all HC tasks well.
Reply2 months
I don't disagree...but i think thats probably the point. There isn't one specific thing that Saban does that makes him the best. Its his entire mindset that there is one right way to do a thing, and he does that to every single thing.
2 months
Now he is really a Champion for Life. No bricks at Bama.
Reply2 months
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