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CBS Sports analyst Brady Quinn previewed the College Football Playoff matchup this week and is picking Alabama to beat Texas in the National Championship. Per SDS:

“I see Nick Saban taking on a former coach in Steve Sarkisian. (Saban) gets the best of it in a tight, but low-scoring game,” Quinn said, noting that the national title game will be a classic.

Despite a 12-1 record and an SEC Championship title, Quinn thinks Alabama “has been underrated” all year.

“We’ve seen it throughout the season,” Quinn said.

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DeafVallyBatnR3 months
This could be thr 2nd time Bama gets to win a NC against the team that already beat them.
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tigerbite23 months
In order for Michigan to win they will have to do something they haven't done all year...Play a rested top 5 team that has a respectable defense...The moans of disappointment when Michigan heard who they were going to play says it all.....
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KCSunshine3 months
Yea that wasn’t a good look to for Michigan. They only had signs had sideline tape on Florida State
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bgtiger3 months
It can’t be Bama vs Texas when Bama is going to lose by double digits to Michigan.
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atltiger64873 months
Michigan has flamed out in the playoffs in recent years. They're overrated and don't play anybody. Too much athleticism from SEC teams - Bama will beat Michigan.
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Bucky_B3 months
Please 6lb. 8oz little baby Jesus let this comment be true!!! hope Mich beats bama like a drum!!
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TNoon3 months
This is true and accurate
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southernboisb3 months
& the thumbnail is NOT BQ.

Do y'all even preview before posting?
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captainFid3 months
'Staff' reporter outdoes Larry for this post. Maybe Larry can post the interview Mac & Cube did with Jalen Milroe yesterday - when he said he knew UGA was going down when he 'looked into their eyes' and saw despair.
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cajunmud3 months
You see what you wanna see Milroe.
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tigerbutt3 months
Milroe is the highest underthrowing QB in college football. All Michigan has to do is watch for it.
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Smoke Test2 months
What does this mean? “Highest underthrowing”
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