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re: What's an exciting classic book you would recommend? - bAGginsAGinbarry
Watership Down....
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Writing an Alt History WW2 book. Posting chapters here for comment - bAGginsAGinbarry
triangle-tangerine-t4az.squarespace.com - my blog where I am writing. I figured the book board would be the best place to get feedback, specifically the critical kind. I post regularly on the PT, for obvious reasons I'd rather keep my real name apart from my politics. I've got about 1/4 of ...
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What will manufacturing & the economy look like under a 'reshored' world? - bAGginsAGinbarry
Thought experiment here: So say we do move industry back through some kind of regulation or decoupling, and now things are made in the USA again. Your TV, lawn mower, North Face jacket, whatever. Prices will necessarily rise. Just from what I know on the cost difference, it would probably be 20-1...
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