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re: Roll Call for Tiger fans not in Louisiana! - Larryduhcable
Stuttgart Germany here. :usa:...
Posted on Tiger Rant
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re: Dorrell looks to be out at UCLA.... - Larryduhcable
WTF? He has a great recruiting class coming in. Oh well, its what have you done for me lately....
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re: Why I'm mad at Miles! - Larryduhcable
Herbstreit told me Miles was going to Michigan at the Houston airport before the VT take. He has not had this team focused since that game....
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We need some of the old players to come talk to the team - Larryduhcable
before the game. Get Miles, Tepperlini and all the other shitheads out of our locker and bring back Faulk, Green, Spears, James, Williams, all the great tigers in the NFL and get them motivated to win this game for themselves. I don't want those other non LSU guys even talking to our team. :spank:...
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Are there any potential head coaches out there with LSU ties - Larryduhcable
? This is a problem when you have coaches not tied to the program. If you had an LSU guy coaching, he would not be distracted by the Michigan jobs of the world. Further, if he had assistants that were not focused, he would relieve them of their coaching responsibilities. I personnally would put ...
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