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re: I just re-watched the spring game

Posted by Criga on 7/15/22 at 5:09 am
Just a thought on the QB completion as it relates to performance in Spring Game - QB were not blitzed and defense ran vanilla. QBs should dominant especially if they can run. Results - Jayden is limited reading defenses. Should only be given run plays. Been playing QB 3 years why would we expect...

re: Eli ricks arrested

Posted by Criga on 5/2/22 at 9:13 pm
Ricks does he have more tackles or games played this year? What a loser!...

re: Game Quick Takes

Posted by Criga on 9/28/20 at 4:14 pm
Why did 2nd string WRs play so much? Jaray was a surprise....

Game Quick Takes

Posted by Criga on 9/28/20 at 8:27 am
Defense: * the talking heads correctly mentioned before the game the way to beat Leach is play zone. Look at Washington vs Washington St. My guess is Pelini did not plan for this and we lost the game because of it. This should have been in play even before Stingley became ill. * Leach only runs a ...

re: I think Chavis made a huge mistake

Posted by Criga on 1/1/15 at 1:04 pm
Aggie offense is all finesse. Like being in a pillow fight. SEC defenses have figured them out. ...

Barkevoius Mingo?

Posted by Criga on 3/14/10 at 7:59 am
Where is this guy? Thought he was the fast athlete that LSU was going to pair with Montgomery. I have not heard a bit about him at all....

re: Bama: Key to Victory

Posted by Criga on 11/2/08 at 5:41 pm
I wish LSU would get Trindon running more vertical. One of things that Florida does with Demps is run him up the middle. If there is a seam, he's gone. We always run Trindon on sweeps....

re: Bama: Key to Victory

Posted by Criga on 11/2/08 at 8:39 am
The good news is Bama is not as explosive as Georgia or Florida offensively so we should not be down so quick as these games playing catch-up....

Bama: Key to Victory

Posted by Criga on 11/2/08 at 6:49 am
Saban will not let us run the ball. He will sell out and put (8) in the box..and blitz us to death. Remember years ago losses to Georgia, Florida, and Texas were due to the passing game beating Saban's defense. Our receivers will get one on one coverage they just have to beat it and Lee must deli...

College Playoff

Posted by Criga on 7/31/08 at 8:57 pm
Do you realize if there was a college playoff the winner would be an SEC school almost every year....