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re: Home Stereo/Soundbar - Couyon504
Thanks for all the replies. We ended up bringing the Polk back to Best Buy in the hopes of finding something better. One of the salesman recommended a Sony soundbar that he had in his house. It was the best Sony sound bar they had there and it sounded great when they played the demo for us in the s...
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Home Stereo/Soundbar - Couyon504
Seeing what the tech board thinks about this sound bar and if there is something better out there for the money. The regular price is $600 but I caught it on sale for $400. I picked it up spur of the moment due to the sale price and didn't really do any research on if it was a deal or not. I have to...
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re: Value of broken gas hot water heater left by road for trash pickup - Couyon504
No shite... My truck was the one beside his that was stolen as well. Crazy part is this isn't the first time I had one stolen from my vehicle. ...
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re: Official CryptoTalk Thread - Couyon504
Guess I can no longer lurk if I want to follow this convo. Can someon add @Couyon...
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