Great Britain’s Ashley Mckenzie lost his judo match by a single point with 30 seconds to go against Kazakhstan’s Yeldos Smetov. Afterwards he broke down next to a garbage can in the hallway. The agony of defeat...

Unfortunately with judo you only get one chance,” he told BBC sport, tears running down his face.

“I think it’s just tears of hard work over four years. Putting my family through stuff, my coach Luke, people at the club, it’s just a hard sport.”

“Just thanks for being there really.”

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BobABooey91 months
In addition to the purity of watching amateur athletes compete, one of the great things about the Olympic Games is it really exposes the crybabies and losers.
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CAD703X91 months
from his last instagram post before the fight: "ashleyjudo - Watch my arse in action!!" LOLLERSKATES
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SECdragonmaster91 months
That young man has a great heart and a will to win. He should do well in life if he can keep it all in perspective.
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