Lolo Jones was letting loose this past weekend and decided to go in on herself a little, which was kinda funny...

Am I trippin? Maybe I had too much wine. No but for real am I lookin like 1999 mint Brendan Fraser ???

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Eli Goldfinger13 months
She does
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dehsloot13 months
At least she doesn't look like 2023 BF.
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ThatTahoeOverThere13 months
This wasn’t my best fap
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Liberator13 months
"A Lolo. La-la-la-la Lolo...." "She" appears to be getting us that much closer to NOT keeping "The Secret."
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ghost2most13 months
Not sure it's a great idea for a chick who's not that hot to begin with and is getting older to compare herself to Brendan Fraser. Yeah, that will get the guys excited.
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JackieTreehorn13 months
I wish she would go away
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jatilen13 months
She needs to get laid
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