This Turkish amateur soccer player was cut from the team after he kicked his opponent in the face after receiving a red card...

The guy received nine stitches and said...

"Thank God that kick came near my jaw. If it had hit me directly in the face, it could have broken my nose, made me blind or broken my neck."

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Jaydeaux101 months
Really ? No one takes up for the guy who got kids kicked ? Wow. Musta been skeered
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DivePlay101 months
Then both teams immediately fled to America as refugees to escape "war torn" violence and get free sh1t.
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CHEDBALLZ101 months
I see that shite I'm kicking that dudes arse whether he's on the other team or my team.
user avatar
Cracker101 months
what pussies just sat there and didn't throw down..................
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Rakim101 months
Kill his family
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wallowinit101 months
the kicked guys teammates are a bunch of bitches. either that or the kicked guy was a huge douche to begin with. short of that you do something like that to my teammate and your going to get hurt pretty bad - right now.
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Coater101 months
now THAT would deserve a one-game suspension
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Peliclown101 months
Dirtiest shite I've ever seen. I would track this guy down and kill him.
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Dignan101 months
Bush league.
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