This makes sports reporting in America look prude...
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Italian journalist Tancredi Palmeri had to act fast when an excited Heart of Midlothian fan decided she really wanted to show off a tattoo in support of her favorite club on live television.

The Sports Italia reporter discussing the Italian transfer market from “Natasha from Edinburgh, Scotland” and her boyfriend approached him. The couple, who were visiting Milan, noted that while she is a Hearts fan, he supports Hibernian (a.k.a. Hibs). At the mention of their rival clubs, Natasha asked if she could show a tattoo she got to commemorate Hearts’ 5-1 victory over Hibs in the 2012 Scottish Cup final.

When Palmeri mentioned afterward that in his panic he forgot her name, she responded by saying “I totally understand. My boobs are real.”
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Northshoretiger8713 months

Looks good
user avatar
s213 months
i could understand a thing that was said because of the hooter in the middle
user avatar
BamaRoo13 months
He seemed to take great pleasure in his
hand job.
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BigPerm3013 months
I love a chick willing to whip out her tit on the street.
user avatar
TheWalrus13 months
I have no idea what I just watched but iwhi
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smash williams13 months
This is actually pretty hilarious
user avatar
SomeLSUguy13 months
I'm just waiting to find out she is a really a he... just bc you put a bra on it, doesn't make it a boob.
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Bama Bird13 months
"This makes sports reporting in America look prude..."
No one in this video is American Larry
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L1C413 months
She looks like she would be a lot of fun.
user avatar
LSU FSU Grad13 months
This guy writes like Larry!
user avatar
TFH13 months
Nothing to see anyway.
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