U.S. Women's National Team legend Alex Morgan recently headlined a Calvin Klein underwear campaign before this year's Australia/New Zealand World Cup...

Oh, and a 20-foot statue...
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Saunson6912 months
I thought Kalvin Klein was men's underwear. I don't think I've ever heard of a woman wearing or shopping at Calvin Klein. I pay 0 attention to fashion or clothes so maybe I'm wrong.
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SoFla Tideroller12 months
I hate to say it, but the gash-like behavior and whining by the WMNT has rubbed off on her. I don't consider her near as fine as she used to be.
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VoxDawg12 months
Alex Morgan is fine as hell.
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CSATiger12 months
at least it is an actual female, give them credit for that
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Mulkey Man12 months
A woman whose ab muscles are bigger than mine and chest is smaller than mine is just not an attractive look for me, but to each his own.
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TooFyeToFly12 months
Normally I'd agree, but this is Alex Morgan. She fine.
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BlackPot12 months
Her abs are visible but not popping. She also has boobs. So basically you're an overweight man that isn't attracted to fit women. Got it.
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cajunmud12 months
Like her jiggle...
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