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Nest hub worth it?
Just bought a ton of nest stuff -- thermostats, protects, inside/outside cameras.

Do I need a hub now too?

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re: Nest hub worth it?
I bought the Nest Hub 2nd Gen on a whim when I started seeing articles on the new version. The main new feature is the hi-tech sleep tracking, which I wasn't interested in and is going to be a subscription feature anyway.

I control things by voice so generally I don't see how it adds anything that I can't do via my Nest Mini. The one thing I wanted to use the screen for is to view my security cams, but it doesn't work well at all with Wyze cams. I have a v2 and an Outdoor cam, and they have trouble streaming video (it usually doesn't work). Even when it does work, I measured a lag of 17 seconds! I gave up. If you are using Nest cams I presume that it works much better, and for me, that would be the only compelling reason to get the Nest Hub.

That being said, even without the ability to view my security cams, I'm very satisfied with my purchase, for functions I wasn't even thinking about when I bought it. Directly from the Nest Hub you can log in to various video services (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Sling) and music services like Spotify. The screen is small but I have watched some Netflix shows on it, and I listen to Spotify. The speaker is not great for music but I'm not too picky. It does not have an audio jack. They recommend connecting a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Oh, also I love that I can cast from all sorts of video apps on my phone to the Nest Hub.

I was also surprised to discover how much I like the photo frame feature. One review I saw said it is the best digital photo frame on the market, and I see why. It automatically adjusts the brightness and tint of the images according to the conditions. I use it to display content from Getty images, Google street images, etc.

BTW, for others who may have Wyze cameras, here is what Wyze says about its Google integration:


The technology we're currently using has high latency. We're looking to change to a near real-time solution in the future for our Google Assistant integration, but this will require overhauling the infrastructure that the Wyze Cam is using.

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re: Nest hub worth it?
It’s awesome for the cameras. I have one in my kitchen and one in my bedroom.

“Hey Google, show me outside” or “hey Google, show me ___ room”. We have cameras in our kids room (they are toddlers) so it’s great to be able to check on them when needed.

If I didn’t have Nest cams, I would agree the screen probably isn’t needed as an upgrade over a nest speaker, but if you have the Nest cams - yes. Definitely worth it.

ETA: it’s also great when we have a babysitter. No need for her to download an app/ have access to our cameras. But she can put the kids to bed and then use the hub in the kitchen to check on the kiddos.
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