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ATT Uverse question
Sooooo we’ve had uverse for a while. We moved and had our service transferred. The tech came out and got everything working. We got a new TV (75” LG smart TV) and everything has gone to shite. We cannot for the life of us get the cable box to work. It will recognize that it is an ATT box plugged into one of the HDMI ports but keeps showing no signal. Not really sure what to do from here. Going to call the retards at the call center during lunch but was hoping someone here might have had this issue before.

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re: ATT Uverse question
I would start by trying a new HDMI cable of the latest HDMI spec.

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re: ATT Uverse question
Don't know the solution, but the first thing the call center will have you do is reset the box. If that doesn't work, they will have you completely disconnect the box (unplug everything), then reconnect. If still not working, as SG_Geaux said, try switching out the cords (I would replace everything you can).

When you disconnect everything from the box, may also be worthwhile to disconnect the data line where it comes into the house as well. You'll basically be giving your entire house a reboot.

Again, not sure if any of these will work, but in my experience these are the steps they had me go through (AT&T & Cox) first. So, might as well give it a shot on your own before calling them.

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re: ATT Uverse question
Take the box and plug it into another tv to make sure the box works. Takes a box that works and plug it into that tv to see if it is there box or tv. It could be the cord that the box is attached to as well.

How do you know the tv isn't faulty?

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