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Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?
Just went to them, they offered me a good price to add with the internet i have had for years.

I have always hated their remotes, cheap arse equipment, so i went into this with little expectations, and i should of stayed with those little expectations

You can only dvr 2 shows at 1 time, so you must turn tv off, or watch dvr as those 2 shows tape. If not, you must cancel one of the recordings to continue watching tv.

It's 2019, not 2004. Dish network is literally 10+ years in advance of spectrum and other cable companies. Their equipment is superior, and not being able to watch tv, while taping 2 shows or more is asinine, and shows how shitty cable is in this country.

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re: Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?
For $50, I think it is fine. People in my neighborhood have been posting their bills, and some DTV ones were over 200.

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re: Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?
i have their internet service and it has been ok. i had them for 2 months for cable and dropped them. their customer service as others sucks and i felt i was overpaying for what i was getting.

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re: Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?

their customer service as others sucks

I haven't felt that way at all in the times I've had to deal with them. I got a $20 credit when an installer was 15 minutes late, and they just resolved a tech issue I had quickly and easily over the phone. No bill creep either like I got with Cox and U Verse either.

Not a huge fan of the guide interface compared to some others, but their cost is much better than others IMO and so far I've had positive experiences with them.

Plus access to Spectrum Mobile is a nice perk.

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re: Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?
A friend of mine is moving and will have to use them for at least internet. I hope that at least is ok.

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re: Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?
I just got them today also. Switched from Uverse 300mps limited data to Spectrum 400mbps unlimited data. First thing I noticed is that with uverse I got equal upload speeds (300 mbps) but with spectrum I am only getting about 30 mbps upload speed.

That’s where they get ya I guess. Advertise “blazing” speeds, but it’s not both ways.

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re: Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?
Got them 2 years ago for cable/internet. Internet has been great, originally got 100mbps and they upgraded for free to about a year and a half later to 200mbps.

Unfortunately we stuck with a legacy account right before the full merger happened equipment wise so we got the cable boxes with the 20 year ago experience. The ole "blue" looking tv guide, could only record up to 2 shows at once (or 1 show if you wanted to watch something else).

We came from Xfinity X1 at our old place which was amazing compared to this crap.

When I went in to ask if we could exchnage our equipment multiple times for modern equipment I was constantly told "they'll let you know when you can"...after waiting forever I cancelled tv and signed up for DirecTV at Costco, much much much better experience. We kept Spectrum internet because it's only $45/mo for the 200mbps connection. Fiber is coming soon for us so we'll eventually switch to AT&T fiber probably, but until then their internet is cheap and works great.

On my own mesh router setup I routinely get 220-240 download speeds wirelessly. I will say the upload speed kind of sucks - about 10-12mbps. Doesnt matter to me but my wife works from home some and has to upload very large files so she just goes to a coffee shop or something with faster upload speeds to do that.
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re: Anyone on here have Spectrum(charter) for TV service?
I've had their service for years at my existing address and it's been overall great.

I only use interwebs. I pay 70$ and get about 200mbs.

I had them in the past at a different address and had absolute shite service. shite repair men. shite customer service experiences.

Good luck.

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