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Fantasy owners use slightly offensive team names
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At the top of every page on the Premier League’s official fantasy football website is the logo for No Room For Racism, the league’s campaign to combat discrimination “wherever it exists in society”. But on the league’s own website, that seems a difficult task.

An investigation by The Athletic has discovered that the Fantasy Premier League game is rife with extreme racist language, with more than 130 team names including the word n****r and hundreds more mentioning Hitler, the Nazis, and making deeply offensive references to Jews and the Holocaust.

More than 250 team names featured highly offensive anti-LGBT slurs such as “p**f,” “f*****s” and “b** boys” at the same time as the league tries to combat homophobia through its Rainbow Laces campaign. Hundreds of other team names referenced rape and paedophilia, while more than 1,500 team names contained offensive slurs about disability.

I love how they act like this is some sort of shocking revelation.

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re: Fantasy owners use slightly offensive team names
shite and those are just Mr Personality's teams wait until they see the rest

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re: Fantasy owners use slightly offensive team names
ok, so just delete the offending names

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re: Fantasy owners use slightly offensive team names
Way back in the Stone Age when I was in college, me and my friends would always name our intramural team (of whichever sport) "Jerry's Kids".

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