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Champions League Final - Wembley Stadium

Posted on 5/8/24 at 8:43 am
Posted by RTN
Member since Oct 2016
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Posted on 5/8/24 at 8:43 am
Anyone been to a CL final before? Flights aren't bad and I have a friend in London I can stay with, but tickets seem to be the trickiest piece of the puzzle. Any advice on tickets/London/Wembley?
Posted by lsugorilla
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Posted on 5/8/24 at 9:23 am to
I’ve heard just buy them on the street day of for cheap.
Posted by StraightCashHomey21
Member since Jul 2009
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Posted on 5/8/24 at 10:08 pm to
Unless you have an in with each club or club wembly

Good luck
Posted by LemmyLives
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Posted on 5/9/24 at 11:07 pm to
Based on the doc released this week, drink lots of beer, find some youths, and follow them in. There isn't an English team playing obviously, but you would find value in finding out how weird Germans can be by hanging out with them before the match.

Don't presume you can just show up and find a bar around a final to watch the match and drink at if you don't have tickets. You might get away with that a mile away from Anfield, but based on the doc on Netflix about Wembley, it's not happening.

If you like either team, I'd completely go and have a backup plan. I'm not sure about CL, but there seems to be an odd country based scheme. You can go to LINK / to look. Be aware, though, now that the teams are set, you may need to buy a hospitality package (which was completely worthless at Anfield, food I didn't want, and two pints, yay.) There will be hospitality tickets available when there aren't regular match tickets available. They're more expensive, but you get in.

If you get cheap flights to the UK for the final during those months, I'd just go and talk to locals about what to do. Worst case, you waste time around Londoners while seeing the sights. Best case, you're in London in the summer.
Posted by SCgamecock2988
Columbia, SC
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Posted on 5/10/24 at 8:33 am to
For the love of God and all that is Holy please Dortmund.
Posted by StraightCashHomey21
Member since Jul 2009
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Posted on 5/10/24 at 11:00 am to
I’ve been to Wembley six times

They section off the bars and pubs for each team

So one side of the stadium those bars and pubs are for one team and the other side of the town is for the other

Also one time they had some really funky rules showing the match in pubs when I went to the FA cup. The United bar we went to wasn’t legally allowed to turn it on until 10 mins into the match. Something about being in direct proximity of the stadium
Posted by SCLibertarian
Conway, South Carolina
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Posted on 5/10/24 at 3:44 pm to
I'll be in Disley (right outside of Manchester) on the day of the FA Cup final touring a National Trust property. I'm sure it will be crazy around the Greater Manchester/Cheshire area.
Posted by RandySavage
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Posted on 5/10/24 at 6:05 pm to

Based on the doc released this week

It was a decent watch but way too dramatic. They tried to portray it like they narrowly averted another Hillsborough and then the real reason for the doc was revealed at the end with all the racism garbage.
Posted by engvol
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Posted on 5/16/24 at 4:32 pm to
As someone who was there, I had a great time!

There isn't too many bars by the stadium but the green man is always popular and set up for sporting events
Posted by StraightCashHomey21
Member since Jul 2009
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Posted on 5/16/24 at 7:35 pm to
The Green man is awesome

So is The Torch

I watched United win the FA Cup there.
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