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Liberals cry 'racism!' following success of white, brown, and black GOP candidates

Singing their one note song......

Democrats took a beating this week in Virginia, losing multiple statewide elections to Republicans black, white, and, pending one outcome, Hispanic.

Yet deranged liberal pundits are determined to make it key takeaway from Tuesday's elections is not that modern liberal orthodoxy has a problem, but that Virginians are white supremacists.

Because when all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail.

“Racism still works in Virginia,” quipped failed Democratic presidential candidate and former MSNBC contributor Howard Dean, who once spoke about how he wanted to win the votes of people with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks.

The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill added, “It’s not the messaging, folks. This country simply loves white supremacy.”

“Whiteness remains undefeated,” said the Daily Beast’s Wajahat Ali. “Let's wait and see who those white suburban voters went for tonight in Virginia. Any guesses?”

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, a longtime bagman for the Clinton cabal, was bested Tuesday by his Republican opponent, political newcomer Glenn Youngkin.

Democratic Virginia Del. Hala Ayala likewise lost her race for lieutenant governor to Republican Winsome Sears, a black Jamaican-born immigrant and U.S. Marine veteran.

Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring, meanwhile, appears poised to lose his re-election bid to Republican Jason Miyares, who, should he win, will become the first Latino in Virginia’s history to hold the office.

Meanwhile, Republicans seem likely to win back control of the Virginia House of Delegates once all the votes are counted, on track to flip as many as seven seats from blue to red.

Youngkin is white. Sears is black. Miyares is Hispanic.

Clearly, white supremacy did this, according to liberal pundits.

“Yes, Youngkin did in fact run on straight-up racism,” said MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan.

Former Vox reporter David Roberts followed up, “Youngkin not only ran on racism — he ran on a very specific kind of racism targeted at white women. And white women came through for him.”

“Every media outlet saying ‘education’ was the issue in the Virginia race and not literally racism is doing their audience a disservice,” said Alliance for Justice press secretary and former ThinkProgress staffer Zack Ford.

On its face, the white supremacy argument is lazy. It allows the speaker to avoid any amount of uncomfortable and difficult self-reflection, or to woner whether his own beliefs are inadequate or in error.

On top of being lazy, the argument also makes no sense considering the slate of Republicans who waged successful campaigns in Virginia. The same voters who went for Youngkin, who is white, also went for Sears, who is black. Is that white supremacy? As it turns out, a particularly deranged and not-so-insignificant subset of liberal pundits believes it is. They don’t believe Mirayes and Sears represent a hitch in their racism theory, because non-whites who don't share their partisan political affiliation don't count.

Anything to avoid a bit of introspection.

The idea that white supremacy is responsible for the Democratic Party’s woes in Virginia ignores completely what is happening elsewhere in the country. New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, for example, is fighting like hell to hold off Republican upstart Jack Ciattarelli. It was never supposed to be this close in New Jersey. Yet, it is. Did white supremacy do that, too?

In Buffalo, socialist mayoral candidate India Walton, who secured the endorsement of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, is on track to lose by double digits to a write-in candidate — the current Democratic mayor, Byron Brown. Brown is black, and even a Democrat.

Let me guess: white supremacy again?

If you want to believe that racism robbed the Left of multiple victories this week, you are entitled to the six inches inside your own skull. Go ahead. Embrace it. Run with it in every future election. Slap it on a banner and fly it from a plane over every stadium in the country.

Just don’t be surprised when a party that focuses more on voters' interests — the economy, the coronavirus pandemic, and education — ends up beating you for every elected office in 2022, 2024, and beyond, right down to dogcatcher.

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Yet Democrats will tell you the media isn’t the enemy.

frick them. Seriously, just cut these losers out of your life. Our country and every minority in it would be better off without these blood suckers.

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The MSM media consider themselves the foot soldiers of the Progressive movement, carrying out critical missions at any cost in a life-or-death culture war. It’s best people wake up and realize the direness of this to better understand how organized they are, the extreme lengths they’re willing to go, and their ability to justify their dishonorable actions.

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That’s because they are the media.

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These people are a threat to the Republic.

They are leading an insurrection against the foundations of the country.

They should be treated as the enemy. Because that’s how they view us.

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By those latest CNN viewship statistics I think a lot of people already know what the MSM is all about but I think a lot of liberals are coming around to it now. Especially the CRT bull shite being taught in their schools in states like Colorado and California and now they are like frick that shite enough already. Hopefully next year those blue leaning states start going red.

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Let them keep thinking this...because as they spew this, their hatred for this country blinds them. They can't see, their normal base is leaving them. Hispanics especially...but apparently, 15% of blacks voted for Youngkin...thst seems like a bad number but its typically 7-10%. He doubled the black vote...think about that.

If conservatives can continue to appeal to minorities and convince them we aren't the boogeyman, our beliefs and policies are pretty common sense.

And hence the push for unfiltered ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION because deep down they know their message is losing and they need to replace those leaving them with new immigrants with promises of the world.

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he ran on a very specific kind of racism targeted at white women

Somehow I didn't catch his dogwhistle during the course of the campaign. Apparently Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares sounded the same racist dogwhistle as the three winning candidates all received nearly the same number and percentage of the vote.

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Democrats believe in "White Saviorism."

It is the most racist, vile belief in the history of mankind.

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