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re: Predict Saints record for next season.
9-7, 10-6

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re: Predict Saints record for next season.
Jared Cook
Sheldon Rankins
Craig Robertson
PJ Williams
Marcus Williams
Justin Hardee
Jameis Winston
Ty Montgomery
Dwayne Washington
James Hurst
Alex Anzalone
Ken Crawley
Trey Hendrickson
Cameron Tom
Bennie Fowler
Lil'Jordan Humphrey

That's the free agent list for the Saints. There are a couple "must sign" players there, but for the most part the group is replaceable. I expect the will try to sign Lattimore and Ramczyk to extensions that are back-loaded with guaranteed money. There are about a dozen players making more than $12M a year that will need some kind of extension, restructuring, etc to get the Saints under the cap.

With a solid QB, this a 10-6 team. With a guy like Matt Stafford or a Jameis Winston who doesn't feel the pressure to carry the team, this is a 13-3 team because Payton will once again force teams to defend every blade of grass like back in 2011. This time they do it with a defense that shuts down the run and a better than average secondary.

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re: Predict Saints record for next season.
This will be a different team with the cap issues the next two years.
Atlanta with a new coach should improve.
Carolina will be better with a healthy CMC.
Tampa will be back with Brady.
Guessing third in the division at 7-9, maybe .500.

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re: Predict Saints record for next season.
Considering we won games with Taysom Hill at QB this year and last year with Teddy Bridgewater, I would say at worst 9-7. The team has been building the roster for the post Brees era for a while now. The offensive line should remain mostly intact. Defense will lose some people but I don't envision them falling off a cliff due to personnel change. Special teams should still be one of the best units in the league.

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re: Predict Saints record for next season.

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re: Predict Saints record for next season.

Impossible to say without free agency and the draft. But ill predict 9-7

Pretty much this on how tough to predict.

9-7 if we can keep some core pieces, probably 6-10 or so if we have to do a massive dump of starters to get under the cap.

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re: Predict Saints record for next season.
Jared Cook - Bye Felicia
Sheldon Rankins - TYFYS but probably going to be costly to keep
Craig Robertson - vet minimum to be a backup and special teams
PJ Williams - Doubt he stays but could be depth
Marcus Williams - May be a priority but I think he tests the market
Justin Hardee - maybe resign
Jameis Winston - resigns but idk if a long term deal
Ty Montgomery - resign for depth
Dwayne Washington - resign for depth
James Hurst - resign for depth
Alex Anzalone - please don’t resign him
Ken Crawley - doubt he comes back
Trey Hendrickson - would love to resign but he’s testing the market and getting a nice contract
Bennie Fowler - practice squad
Lil’Jordan Humphrey - practice squad

I agree it’s mostly replaceable with the big names probably leaving. Probably the biggest priority is resigning ram and Lattimore and thinking about trading someone. I’ve said it before but armstead may be traded and put peat at LT but we will see.

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re: Predict Saints record for next season.

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