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Why are we awful now?

Posted on 1/28/23 at 8:56 pm
Posted by Safety Blitz
The Backfield
Member since May 2022
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Posted on 1/28/23 at 8:56 pm
CJ looks to be the only one playing.
Posted by Broski
Member since Jun 2011
72952 posts
Posted on 1/28/23 at 8:59 pm to
Our two best players being out and enough game tape from this season for teams to realize that if they focus on defending the paint, our offense sputters.
Posted by Jam2011984
Member since Dec 2019
136 posts
Posted on 1/28/23 at 8:59 pm to
And even he can’t play like the star we need him to be. We better make a big trade or this season is over
Posted by shel311
McKinney, Texas
Member since Aug 2004
111423 posts
Posted on 1/28/23 at 9:31 pm to
Zion is out, we're a bad team without him
Posted by longhorn22
Nicholls St. Fan
Member since Jan 2007
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Posted on 1/28/23 at 9:34 pm to

Start there.
Posted by Jar_Jar_80
Member since Oct 2013
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Posted on 1/28/23 at 9:42 pm to
Our role players can't shoot, Trey is a huge disappointment he is unplayable. When his shot isn't falling he brings nothing else horrible on defense a statue on offense and he can't rebound. I actually thought dude could have been a small ball 5. If ATL didn't want a 1st too and Collins contract wasn't so bad I would ship him to the Hawks for Collins with the swiftness.
Posted by J_Hingle
Member since Jun 2013
5124 posts
Posted on 1/28/23 at 9:43 pm to
3 out of our 5 healthy starters can’t shoot, and pretty much the entire bench..also can’t shoot
Posted by GoodOne
Toronto, Canada
Member since Apr 2022
694 posts
Posted on 1/28/23 at 9:47 pm to
Plus willie needs to whack JV upside the head and tell him he needs to stop taking dumb fouls. His ejection may have cost us the game tonight.
Posted by KiwiHead
Auckland, NZ
Member since Jul 2014
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Posted on 1/29/23 at 7:16 am to
Our two biggest scorers stealing Gayle Benson's money.
Posted by VL Lsutiger
Member since Sep 2006
2647 posts
Posted on 1/29/23 at 7:46 am to
Need zion back ASAP
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