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re: Omer Asik = Ryan Bowen
I get being mad about his health issues, but Asik is the 3rd best big on this team. If Asik is healthy enough to give 10 minutes a game of rebounding and toughness, barring some other catastrophe this team should make the playoffs. Salary aside, we need him to play.

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re: Omer Asik = Ryan Bowen

Omer caught the ball about 12 feet from the basket, standing by himself.. in fact I think the nearest defender actually backed away from him once he had the ball.. He hesitated. Looked for a teammate.. perhaps even considered calling timeout or just punting the ball into the stands. But instead, he lifted his ill-defined Turkish arms into the air, dug down deep into his bacteria-riddled gut, and hoisted the ball toward the goal. It rattled around the rim like one of those rigged carnival games where the ball doesn't ACTUALLY fit in the goldfish bowl.. but just as we all finished screaming out a collective "god NO, why is he shoo---", the ball gracefully fell through the net. An hour and a half later, the Pelicans rode Asik's momentum to pull away from the Nuggets and secure a win

You, sir, are a poet, a gentleman, and a scholar.

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re: Omer Asik = Ryan Bowen
Ryan Bowen was Mr. hustle

Omir Asik is Mr glass

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re: Omer Asik = Ryan Bowen
Asik career minutes 9000+

Bowen 6500

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re: Omer Asik = Ryan Bowen
And before Bowen there was Kirk Haston, although he never drew the same reaction Bowen did.

Don't forget about Robert Taylor too. Hustle! Hustle!

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